School Uniform

Required items

Our school uniform consists of the following items:

  • Royal blue sweatshirt with gold seahorse motif
  • Powder blue polo shirt with optional seahorse motif
  • Grey/black cotton trousers or shorts (denim or sportswear are not appropriate)
  • Grey/black skirt
  • Dark shoes (trainer shoes are acceptable but should be black with no bright motifs)

Additional Items

  • Gingham dress (blue check if possible)
  • Cardigans (royal blue if possible with optional seahorse motif)


  • White T-shirt with optional seahorse motif
  • Black shorts with optional seahorse motif
  • Plimsolls or black trainers (again with no bright motifs, they should be an alternative pair to those that children wear outside)

Marking your child’s unform

Can we please ask all parents to ensure that all uniform is marked with childs initials in indelible ink (this is not necessary if the initials are embroidered).

Where to buy

You are welcome to purchase items from any supplier. The following companies have provided uniform to our parents but please do not take this as a specific recommendation:

More details can be found in our school uniform policy:

Ings Farm Primary School Uniform Policy